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Kana ユーミル
Age Around 70
Type Mythological
Sub Type Dwarf
Series Queen's Blade
Medium Gamebook, Anime, OVA, Manga
Role Side, Main (OVA)
VA Ayaka Saito

Ymir (ユーミル) is the daughter of the Dwarf King, and the manager of his steel mills for the past fifty years. She's entered the Queen's Blade to prove that Dwarven weapons are superior, especially superior to those of her business rival Cattleya.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ymir wears a pink puffy dress, with puffy white and blue stripes. She has a white bra covering the area where the dress ends, and on her right arm has both a plate gauntlet and boots. Underneath the boots, she has white folded cuffs with pink ends, and underneath that, she has white thigh-highs.

Rebellion[edit | edit source]

Ymir's outfit consists of a black corset with a pair of suspenders, a red plaid skirt with black frills, and black garter underneath. It has a skull motif. She has red and black striped sleeves, and two gauntlets with blades attached at the wrists. On her legs, she has black plate boots. She now wields two black axes instead of her original giant battle axe.

Unlimited[edit | edit source]

Ymir's outfit consist of a puffy white dress which resembles a bridal gown. The front end of her dress opens up below her waist, exposing her white and blue panties. Ymir wears gauntlets and armoured thigh highs. Her design appearence is similar to her first incarnation with her golden curls being mostly the same and her large axe making a return. The difference however is that her hair band is now adorned with flowers, and her battle axe is now white and is also adorned with flowers.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ymir is very competitive, as throughout the series, she reiterates that her weapons are the best weapons and ensures that they are far better than Cattleya's. She does carry some traits of a child, such as her frequent whining. Cattleya also views her as a child because of small size. Being a weapons seller, she tries to keep herself in business by making weapons and traveling to main cities. She uses her marketing skills to sell cheap knock-offs of Leina's blade.