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Kanji 仙狐
Kana せんこ
Age >800
Type Mythological
Sub Type Kitsune
Tails 1
Series Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san
Medium Manga, Anime
Role Main
VA Azumi Waki

Anonymous 04/11/19(Thu)04:28:35 No.186948914
I feel like Senko-san was intended to be light hearted and make me smile but all it did was remind me how desperately alone I am and made me miserable. It made me wish there was someone, anyone in my life I could allow myself to be vulnerable in front of. To have someone I could trust from the bottom of my heart. I actually cried tears of grief while watching this show.
Is this a normal reaction?
Anonymous 04/11/19(Thu)04:38:47 No.186949188
You get used to it
Anonymous 04/11/19(Thu)12:18:12 No.186959393
That's the cruelest part.