Isadora Finnsdottir

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Isadora Finnsdottir
Kana イサドーラ・フィンスドッティル
Age 17
Type Mythological
Sub Type Dwarf
Series Rotte no Omocha!
Medium Manga, Anime
Role Side
VA Kana Asumi

Ísadóra Finnsdottír (イサドーラ・フィンスドッティル), mostly referred by her nickname Dóra (ドーラ), is a Nótt Dvergur (Chocolate Dorf) that works as Sigurð's escort.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

As a Nótt Dvergur, Dóra is midget. She looks like a child with an eyepatch in her right eye. She is mostly seen in the Sigurð's school uniform disguised as a man. Her hair is regularly seen in bunches. In the anime her hair is dark green and she has purple eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She seems to have a short fuse, although this could be explained by her constant need to deal with the troublesome Sigurð. Despite her reservations, she supports Sigurð in most of his plans. She has hidden feelings for Sigurð that he never notices.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Dóra's main assignment is being Sigurð's aide. She is somehow a foster sister to Sigurð. She has a close relationship with Helga, with whom she devises tactics to try to control the wild prince. Prior to her appearance in the story, she injured her right eye in an incident due to Sigurð's fault. The eyepatch she wears is a gift given to her by Sigurð, and she keeps wearing it even when her eye is no longer injured as it calms her and she cherishes it due to being a gift from Sigurð for whom she has feelings.