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Make sure the character you want to add wasn't added before. You can find all entries in All Pages or in The List itself.
In case a different character with the same name was already added to the list, add the series of your character in braces () after the name. For example Nemesis (Infinite Dendrogram).
Entries can be added using the Create Page, which automatically populates the edit field with the Character template or by simply typing[Page Name] in your address bar.

Character Template

Every page needs to include the Character Template. Details can be found below.


Images need to be uploaded before they can be used in an article. If you encounter a name conflict, please choose a new filename. A shot of the face in a 2:3 format is preferred.
Try to keep it below 500kb. You don't really need more than 200x300px.
An image that was uploaded can be exchanged with a new version by visiting the file's page and clicking "Upload new version of this file".
The following helpful flowchart was provided by our wonderful wiki administrator to determine what sort of image you should use:

tl;dr: Color images whenever possible, preferably from the source work. Else, images from adaptations are fine too.


Instead of an age, you can fill the age field with a birthdate in the format and it'll calculate the age for you:

24 (* 3.11.1999)

Any text surrounding the brithdate will remain untouched, so text 123 17.8.1998 456 text ,.-! will become

text 123 25 (* 17.8.1998) 456 text ,.-!

Ideally, an entry would have the character's age during the series and their current age (birthdate) like for example Kokonoe Rin.

Types and SubTypes

Every character has to be tagged with a Type and if applicable, SubType. The available Types and SubTypes can be viewed on The List or in the Types Category.
If a Type has no SubTypes, the SubType field should be left empty.
If you do not tag your character with Types that actually exist, it will not show up on The List.


The Series/VA fields will automatically try to link to a wikipedia page named after their value, so if you filled the series field with Gate, it would link to the wikipedia entry of a Gate. To avoid such cases/provide links for series/VAs that do not have wikipedia pages, please read the Custom Linking section below.

If your entry has appeared in multiple series/has multiple VAs, the series titles/VAs are to be separated by a ,. For VAs, you can describe for what they performed in braces ().
For example Flandre from Princess Resurrection was performed in the anime by Shiho Kawaragi and in the OVA by Yuka Iguchi. For the automatic linking to properly work, the VA field could be filled like this Shiho Kawaragi (anime), Yuka Iguchi (OVA)
which then become two clickable links to the wikipedia pages of the VAs:

Shiho Kawaragi (anime), Yuka Iguchi (OVA)

Note that if multiple series are specified, The List will only display the first one. See for example Temuorin/The List#Temuorin

Custom Linking

You can also add custom wikipedia links by adding your wikipedia destination in square brackets like this Gate [Gate (novel series)] to the series/VA field:


Similarly you can make the field link to a completely custom URL like this Eternal Sword Series {}:

Eternal Sword Series

This is, of course, compatible with multiple series/VAs separated by commas:

test, test2


The mediums of the work. For a work that, for example, was originally a Light Novel and later received Anime and Manga adaptations, you'd fill the field like this: Light Novel, Manga, Anime
This would produce something like this:

Light Novel, Manga, Anime

Note how only the first entry is not grayed out. The first entry in the field should be reserved for the medium of the source work. The order of the following media does not matter.


The importance of a character in a Series/how much the character shows up, so you don't get baited into reading Owari no Seraph for Krul.
Valid values for this field are Main, Side and Minor, standing for Main, Side and Minor character respectively. Use your own judgement to determine as what you'd classify the character.
Multiple roles can be added separated by , and descriptions can be added between brackets ( ).

The List

Entries that are tagged with the correct categories will automatically be added to The List. On its own, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours. However, logged in Users have the ability to manually update a page by clicking on More > Purge cache at the top right of a page, left of the search bar.


Don't know where else to put this. You can add furigana to any text (excluding the series, and va fields) like this: {{Ruby|漢字|かんじ}}

want to do this[why would you ever]

Though it's really just mean for the text body and the alias field.

The Character Template

Every character page needs to have the Character Template (see below) included and filled out at the very beginning of the article.

| Image   = 
| Name    = {{BASEPAGENAME}}
| Kanji   = 
| Kana    = 
| Alias   = 
| Age     = 
| Type    = 
| SubType = 
| Winner  = 
| Series  = 
| Medium  = 
| Role    = 
| VA      = 

Please note that {{BASEPAGENAME}} in the name field is just here for convenience so that you don't have to type the name a second time after already creating the page. If there is any unwanted behaviour, just replace {{BASEPAGENAME}} with the name of your character.

This Template will automatically tag the page with the appropriate Categories and add the character info to a database that is then used to assemble The List.
(Note: it might take anywhere between a few seconds to multiple hours for your entry to show up on the list on its own. To force a page to update, you can click on More > Purge cache.)

Visual Editor

If you're a tech illiterate caveman and are using the visual editor instead of edit source, you can add the template under Insert>Template>Character.


Image Filename of the image of the character. Needs to be uploaded beforehand. In case of a name conflict, choose a new filename. A shot of the face in a 2:3 format is preferred.
Try to keep it below 500kb. You don't really need more than 200x300px.
Please use screenshots from the manga/anime/game only. No fanart.
Name Romanized Lastname Firstname. Required
Kana The squiggly lines (or sometimes edged lines). Required
Kanji The really complicated lines.
If no value is specified, this row hides itself.
Alias If no value is specified, this row hides itself.
Age If no value is specified, this row hides itself.
Type The character's main category. Please refer to The List or the Types Category. Creation of new Types and Subtypes is generally discouraged. Required
SubType The character's sub category. Please refer to The List or the Types Category. Creation of new Types and Subtypes is generally discouraged.
If no value is specified, this row hides itself.
Required if applicable
Winner Whether the loli wins her series' romance. Valid values are "yes", "no", and leaving it empty.
If no value is specified, this row hides itself.
Series The series the character is from. Required
Medium The medium of the character's source work, followed by all adaptations. For example, "Manga, Anime" Required
Role The Character's role in the series (Main, Side or Minor character). Required
VA Voice Actress of the character.
If no value is specified, this row hides itself.

The Image, Name, Kana, Type (and if applicable SubType) and Series fields are the absolute minimum that need to be filled out for an entry to be valid.
Please fill out the remaining ones to the best of your ability.


An example of a correctly filled out Character Template:

| Image   = DD2_Etna.jpg
| Name    = Etna
| Kana    = エトナ 
| Kanji   =
| Alias   =
| Age     = 1470
| Type    = Demonic
| SubType =
| Winner  =
| Series  = Disgaea
| Medium  = Game
| Role    = Main
| VA      = Tomoe Hanba
Kana エトナ
Age 1470
Type Demonic
Series Disgaea
Medium Game
Role Main
VA Tomoe Hanba

Etna is written with katakana, not kanji. Thus, the kanji field can be left empty.
Etna has the main type Demonic. This main type does not have any further subtypes. Thus, the SubType field is left empty.
This then becomes the table seen over on the right.

As you can see, many of the fields are automatically linked to relevant pages. The Series and VA fields will by default link to Wikipedia articles named after the entry in the field. In case this links to a non-existent or incorrect article, please read the Custom Linking section.

The Main Body

Ideally the Main Body of the wiki entry would have some information about the character and their role in the series like Isadora Finnsdottir or Ymir. This however is, of course, extremely time-consuming and not required.

A guide to wiki formatting can be found here.


Spoilers should be spoilered: {{spoiler|this is a spoiler}}

the potatoes die.

Linking to The List

Linking to Characters

Every entry added to The List automatically gets its own Anchor, meaning you can link directly to the location of an entry on The List like so:

Please note that any spaces in your character's name will need to be replaced with an underscore _.

For wiki-internal links however, replacing spaces is not necessary: [[The List#Yurie Hitotsubashi]] becomes

The List#Yurie Hitotsubashi

If your character name contains braces () to specify their series like, for example, Nemesis (Infinite Dendrogram) you can also link to their Anchor, however you'll have to replace ( with .28 and ) with .29 respectively:

Linking to Types

Similarly, every Type and SubType also has an Anchor, meaning that you can link to them aswell:

The List#Undead

Technical Bullshit/Help

There's a lot of weird shit that happens with formatting in this wiki. Mostly because CSS is an absolute piece of shit and whoever developed it should be eternally whorshipped as the mortal incarnation of all things evil. To a smaller part, because my coding is terrible.

If you have any questions, it's probably easiest to just ask me over at my talk page by clicking Add Topic. Keep in mind that these messages are publically viewable.

If you don't want to do that, I'm going to start listing shit here as I remember things and hopefully you can find your issue:

  • If your series title doesn't hyphen/split properly in The List, add ­ (split point with hyphen) or ​ (split point without hyphen) to where you want your hyphen to be placed.
example: Blanc/The List#Blanc
  • If your series title has a comma, replace the comma with ,.
example: Hachikazuki Chihaya/The List#Hachikazuki Chihaya
  • If your entry has appeared in multiple series, you can add all of them, separated by commas , to the series field.
example: Chloe von Einzbern
  • If your entry has was voiced by multiple VAs, you can add all of them separated by commas , to the series VA field and describe their role in braces ().
example: Flandre, Temuorin
  • If your series title is too long and gets cut off on The List, get fucked.
example: The List#Seguchi Youkou
praise me, mortal, for I have implemented dynamic font sizing, so this hopefully shouldn't be a problem anymore.
if it still messes up, just add like 1 or 2 ⁠ to the end of the affected field and it'll probably work. To anyone who has had a look at the code responsible for this, no, it's not an oversight that I forgot to make it not count the html code characters, it's a feature.
  • If your character name contains a / and you used Create Page or Template:NewPageScaffold to create your page, you'll have to manually replace {{BASEPAGENAME}} with the correct name.
example: Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate/kaleid)

Other Issues

Images not Loading on The List

My firefox recently started spitting out 429 errors and not loading all images on the list. In case this happens to you, I've made a small userscript that should fix the issue by automatically reloading all images on the page a few times.

If there are still some images not loaded after a page refresh, you can edit the for (let e = 0; e < 7; ++e){ part and replace 7 with a bigger number and/or increase the sleep time await sleep(2500);.

After installing the script, there should also now be a button at the very top of the List page where you can trigger the image reloading manually.